About Broken Record

Rick, Bruce, and Malcolm at Shangri La

Rick, Bruce, and Malcolm at Shangri La

For generations of music lovers, the liner notes on albums were a central part of the way music was heard. You bought album and it came with an accompanying narrative: a digression, an aside, a backstory—maybe even an invented history about a lonely-hearts club that never existed. We intuitively understood that great music required not just listening but conversation between the artist and the audience and the audience and the rest of the world.  

Broken Record is a show that tries to restart that conversation for a world without liner notes. It's a long-form podcast that tells stories for a new audience of music lovers.

Broken Record is an editorial collaboration among three people: the producer Rick Rubin, the writer Malcolm Gladwell, and the former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam.


Broken Record is produced by Justin Richmond and Jason Gambrell, with Mia Lobel, Bruce Headlam, Chiquita Paschall, Jacob Smith, Julia Barton, Justin Richmond, Jacob Weisberg, and Rick Rubin. Original music by Jason Gambrell, Evan Viola, and Kenny Beats. Show art by John J. Custer.


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